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In 2020-21, online videos are expected to take up 80% of all Internet traffic. This is an impressive number and shows how important it is for companies and start-ups to have their own animated films. However, if you deal with the topic, the question arises here: “How does a successful explanatory video production actually go about?”


Animation Feast is a video animation services provider in the USA and would like to answer this question step-by-step with our expertise in creating animated videos, as we are a leading video animation services provider in the USA.


Step # 1 – The personal interview


As with any service, a 2D animation video production also means getting to know and first understand each other. In an initial interview, you should be allowed to get answers to all important questions.


Whether it is about the production process, pricing, or preparations for the briefing – everything that concerns you in advance can be discussed in person.


Step # 2 – The Briefing


To clearly explain your product or service in just 90 seconds, we first understand it ourselves. This is exactly what the video briefing is for. Here the customer answers all-important questions about the company and the content of the video:


  • What is the unique selling point?
  • What should the aim of the 2D animation video production be?
  • Who should the film reach?
  • What is the purpose?


These are just a few of the questions to be considered in the second step. You also have the opportunity to submit important documents about your corporate identity – i.e., logo, color specifications, or fonts.


Make preliminary considerations


If you decide to have an animated video created, it is advisable to consider production.

Who do I want to reach with the animated film? What are my USPs? What are the most frequently asked questions from my customers? This preliminary research will save you a lot of time. And after all, time is money!


Step # 3 – The animation video – narration


Once all the basic questions have been answered, it is time to explain. Based on the personal conversations and the briefing, the animated video professionals create the narration. It serves as the foundation for the entire video production. The most important aspects of your product are explained in as few words as possible.


The text must be conceptualized and written by an objective person outside of your company. In this way, you avoid the dangerous “operational blindness” and set direct requirements for optimizing the spoken text.


Like a diamond in the rough, the text must be honed with you. The animated video production can only continue when you are 100% satisfied!


Step # 4 – The text scoring


The narration must now be brought to life. There is a large pool of professional advertising voiceover artists who knows exactly how to put your company in the right light. Regardless of whether it is factual, depressed, happy, or even euphoric – your preferred speaker fulfills every wish when it comes to the emphasis and tonality of your text.

For the speaker, too, the video briefing is the basis for his work. After all, business customers have to be addressed differently than other individuals.


Male or female?


When choosing an advertising voice-over artist, you can spoil for choice: a man or a woman?

The selection of the perfect voice over artist should not only be based on personal taste. Most of all, you need to consider how the voiceover artist fits the target audience. For example, if you offer an online fitness program for women only, you should have a woman speak the narration.


Step # 5 – The animated video production begins


Now it’s time to get down to business! The graphics are conceived, designed, and animated by hand. In addition to the preparation, this is the most complex and longest step in the entire video production.


How so? Everything you see in your animated explainer video is handmade and also adapted to your corporate design. So there are no purchased pictures or modular systems with us, as with other offers.


With the help of personal conversations and the briefing, the perfect foundation is laid to stay in the viewer’s mind.


Step # 6 – The Sound Design


As the saying goes: “You can see better with your ear!” The big advantage of a video over pictures is that it appeals to several senses at once – it is audiovisual.


This is why this step is so important. In the sound design, subtle sound effects are inserted that underline the animated video production effect. Attention is always paid to the exact interaction with the graphic animations.


Then there is the mixing of the licensed music. It is essential to pay attention to the right mood. The selected music track must be consistent with the entire animated video.


Step # 7 – The acceptance and satisfaction guarantee


Now the time has come: Your animated video production is almost complete. You can now watch your new video. If you have any requests for changes, you can communicate them now.


We handle the returns with our hero guarantee. That means Animation Feast only ends the project when you are 100% satisfied! That quality makes this company a professional 2D animation services provider in the USA. So there is no fixed quota of change loops in which you would have to make an animated video that you do not like when you reach the limit.


Why can we give this guarantee?


The briefing is the be-all and end-all – we took that to heart and created an online video briefing that is the perfect prerequisite for successful animated video production.


With several interim approvals, such as the narration, we also ensure that we only go into production when we know what the customer needs and wants.


Summary of all the steps explained above.


After just seven steps and 15 working days, you will receive your finished animated film for direct download. In animated video production, the cooperation between the agency and the customer is an important prerequisite.


So you shouldn’t be left alone after completing the animated video. We will be happy to help you publish the video on YouTube, social networks, or your website at any time. Accordingly, our video production ends as it began: personally and close to the customer.


Let animated video heroes advise you on your dream film free of charge – we look forward to hearing from you!




If you look around the Internet and compare the prices of the individual animated video agencies, you will find the usual “discount slogans” from animated videos for $999 to high-end offers of over $10,000. As everywhere in life, there are no upper limits.


A company has to invest $2,000-$5,000 for a 60-90 second animated video on average. The final animated video prices naturally depend on the individual wishes and goals of the customer.


In practice, package prices for animated videos have proven to be sensible, predictable, and, above all, transparent. These packages are tied together based on experience and methods so that the video can develop its full effect after production. Optional additional packages or personal arrangements during the briefing also ensure the necessary individuality. This combination of transparent package prices and specific services round off the pricing of animated videos.




During your research for animated video prices, you will inevitably come across providers who want to create an animated video for you for flat-rate prices of sometimes less than $290. But if you seriously want to convert visitors to customers through animated films and increase your brand awareness, you should completely ignore these offers.


How so? These animated video providers cannot work on your animated video for longer than 3 – 5 hours at such prices. These agencies can only achieve this with the use of so-called construction kits. Similar to a website builder, they take templates from a program that has already been created. This means that the same characters and symbols appear in countless other videos.


But that’s not the only reason these animated video prices are so unrealistic. In the following, we would like to give you an insight into the steps involved in a professional animated video.




The production of an animated video is comparable to a well-oiled engine. Many gears have to run together. If even one thing is missing or incorrectly installed, you will discover unplanned problems at the latest during the first test. In an animated video, these gears are the individual steps in production. Put together; they result in animated video prices.


1. Briefing & advice


At the beginning of each animated video, you will be asked Holes in the stomach because our animators want to understand exactly what your company is doing, your goals, and how an animated video can help you. Of course, you also have questions or concerns that you want to get rid of.


2. Conception of the narration


After the content, target group, and style have been agreed with you in the briefing; the scribes get to work and develop the narration. This forms the basic structure of the entire animated video. It has to be coordinated with you constantly so that there are no nasty surprises in the end.


3. Scoring


When looking at the animated video prices, the professional voice actor must not be forgotten. In a recording studio, he speaks your narration and lets it come to life. The speaker’s choice is in your hands – your animated video provider should have already carried out the quality control.


4. Illustration & animation


In this step, the graphics are produced and then animated. These graphics should always be handmade. This is the only way your video can adapt to your corporate identity requirements and differentiate itself from your competitors.


5. Sound design


An animated video is an audiovisual medium. This means that music and sound effects are essential for full effectiveness. The selected music must have the necessary rights and, if possible, not come from a 0815 royalty-free catalog.


6. Corrections & Satisfaction Guarantee


Developing the perfect animated video is a process for you. With a pre-defined number of correction loops to keep the price artificially low, trouble is inevitable. What is the use of an animated video that you are not satisfied with, but that still costs money?




According to a report by Animation Feasts, a guide for video marketing professionals, around three in four marketers say that video paid off for them. You have found that video has had a positive impact on your marketing results and return on investment.


And not without reason! If you look at the possibilities of how an animated video itself can bring the costs back in and also generate sales:


  • Use the company website to explain your own product – 24/7 clearly!
  • Improvement of Google placement through video embedding & increasing length of stay
  • Increase in the opening rate in email marketing
  • Greater brand awareness through sharing in social networks
  • Support with customer meetings or presentations at trade fairs


The various possible uses combined with the long shelf life of the animated videos make the one-time investment profitable very quickly, and the animated video prices can be planned.




  1. The cost of an animated video depends on the length, scope, and goals of the client. Package prices are based on successful experience and make the project transparent and plannable.
  2. The average animated video costs between $2,000 and $5,000.
  3. For young companies and start-ups, there are discounted packages without compromising on performance.
  4. Providers with modular systems and graphics of the peg should be avoided. After all, thousands of potential customers should want to see the video too!
  5. With the right placement and implementation in your own marketing plan, an animated video’s costs are quickly brought in again.


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