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You may have experienced it before for sure; you want to buy something on the internet, click on a website and you just can’t find your way around. Everything is confusing and poorly explained.


And that applies not only to the online area but of course also to the offline area such as retail or public institutions such as doctors, lawyers, etc.

After all, nobody wants to wait forever. Unfortunately, despite the many digital possibilities, few seem to be aware of this problem except you because we will explain to you in this article all the tactics. So, make your plans after reading this article to increase your customer satisfaction. Animation Feast, as a video production company, can also help you cater to all your marketing needs, we know video marketing tactics that grab customers’ attention.


You will know a completely new technique that will help you to transform your customers into even happier customers.


Explainer videos


As the title suggests, the magic word is “explainer videos”. In case you don’t know what an explainer video is, a quick example below:


Ok, but how can a comic film like this make my customers happier? That’s ridiculous … A very good question and a good objection!


Here is a good example to answer this question:


Imagine you’ve seen a great ad on TV (or YouTube) about the latest and greatest online banking portal or the latest auto portal. They offer you to try it out for 30 days for free and you even get a free Visa card.


You click on the advertisement with joy and visit their website. But, all of a sudden, you realize that you can’t really find your way around; so much text, so much information. A box on the right, a box on the left, a button there, and a button here.




Damn, how can I actually register there! After 20 seconds, you will leave the website in frustration since time is money.


In other words, the bank has firstly lost the opportunity to win you as a potential customer, and secondly, you, the potential or existing customer, are dissatisfied.


And next time you sit with your friend over a glass of wine in the evening, you will tell him about your experience. And with a little luck (or bad luck for the bank), he’ll tell you exactly the same thing.


This is the beginning of a wonderfully terrible company reputation. (Which can ultimately lead to ruin)

Ok, what now?


Suppose you are the marketing manager of this bank and you are aware of this problem. (Because 1,397 people may have given you bad reviews on Google)


Your problem is not your service and your offer (which is great) but that nobody knows how to get the desired product.


You now have 2 options.


Option 1: You have the entire website redesigned, which will probably cost you as a bank several hundred thousand euros.


Option 2: Or you can simply have an explainer video produced for you, where you explain to your new visitors and interested parties in 1-2 minutes exactly how they now get the desired product.


If you are interested in this product (and who is not interested in a 30-day free explainer video) you will register in our form.


And if you’ve signed up now, what then?


Good question, of course, the process is still not over. Now we are using a third and final explainer video to answer all of your questions.

And if you still have any questions, you can of course contact us by phone at any time. (Of course, personal customer contact is still very important)


But as you can imagine, a simple explainer video does the following:


  1. We help potential customers to click on the link
  2. We inform customers how to register on our website
  3. We make more sales because we are very customer-oriented with these videos
  4. We save a lot of personnel costs because we do not need a large telephone hotline team


And of course, this can also be applied to the banking example (or car example) above. If you want to win new customers or get people to fill out a form, this is the best way to have a short explainer video produced.


You can get an explainer video like the one above for between $ 249 – $ 400. That sounds like a lot, but just think about how much money you will save in a month by eliminating telephone charges and personnel costs. Let alone the additional registrations and new registrations.


But an explanation video doesn’t work everywhere!


That may be, there will probably be various fields where an explainer video cannot be used. But it does in 98% of all branches. Let’s think about how and where you can use explainer videos:


Hospitals: Touchscreen, with various explainer video instructions where various rooms are located


Doctors: Instead of making patients wait a long time, show on a screen (with subtitles without sound) how to log in again and which documents to have ready


Airports: Ok, everyone knows them anyway (the animated videos, before the baggage check)


Software: Explainer films posted on the website showing how the software works, how you can register


Supermarket: Self-paying cash registers -> explainer video instructions on how to relax and pay yourself


Online Shop: Explainer video on how to complete the ordering process


Advertising: Instead of paying $ 50,000 for a TV commercial, you can use an explainer video here


Authorities: which documents you should have ready for various registrations


Apps: Explain the functionality of an app


Machines: Present the advantages of your machine over other devices

And many more…


In other words, to have satisfied customers you have to stand out from the crowd. And an explainer video or film does just that. And of course, there is also a nice side effect here, because as the saying goes: Satisfied customers buy more.


And then how can we measure our customer satisfaction?


Measure customer satisfaction

  • Either you send your customers a Google review link.
  • For this, you need the Google MyBusiness page. You can register here for free:
  • Register with portals such as Trustpilot.
  • Measures your complaint rate against the current one over a certain period of time.
  • Check the length of stay of your users on Google Analytics (if it is an online business).


Because explainer videos keep users on the website longer. Imagine you have 3 explainer videos, each with 2 minutes. That is an incredible 6 minutes!


That is terrific. And so Google will automatically rank you higher because the Hummingbird algorithm notices that you are giving your website visitors a good user experience.


Because if you visit a website and bounce back within 5 seconds because the user experience is terrible, Google will penalize your ranking position. And this leads us to the next point:


Customer satisfaction influencing factors


Of course, the customer satisfaction factors include more points than an explainer video. The user experience (UX) for the customer must also be right here. In other words, the website should still be easy to use. A quick response rate is also important. Nobody likes to wait a day for an answer. This applies to email, chat, and phone.


Summary: Which factors are important for customer satisfaction


Roughly summarized, there are “only 2 influencing factors” for optimal customer satisfaction:

  1. The user experience before and during the purchase (this includes the website, explainer videos, and support)
  2. And of course the user experience after the purchase. Did you receive the goods? Is it damaged? How quickly or slowly does customer support react?


But here, too, instead of classic FAQs, you could have an explainer video produced or several where various questions are answered by customers in short videos …


For example, an explainer video for: How do I get my money back?


Or: My goods are damaged, what can I do?



Imagine you are a company with 100,000 employees like Amazon who receive thousands of calls every day about exactly these topics. Wouldn’t one or more explainer videos be insanely customer-oriented and also cost-saving for such a large company?


We haven’t researched whether Amazon is already using explainer videos (we assume yes)


But if not, Jeff Bezos, we are waiting for your call … 🙂



Exciting! Joke’s apart. The next topic could be: How exactly is marketing related to customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction marketing

As already mentioned, marketing measures (especially for new products) can be used to bring new customers to the website or to your business. (YouTube advertising, Google, flyers, etc.)


And one of the best marketing measures in 2019 is videos. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a real film, cartoon, explainer video, etc. But videos are an indispensable part of your marketing strategy in 2019.


And the cheapest option is definitely an animated explainer film.


Now for a moment away from the online world. Of course, a lot is still bought in retail outlets. How can you use an explainer video for optimal satisfaction?


Retail customer satisfaction


Most people think that explainer videos can only be used online. As already shown above with the divisions, there are unlimited possibilities to use explainer videos (hospitals, supermarkets, doctors, etc.) so that they firstly offer your customers added value and secondly increase your sales.


And if your explainer video or film is so well received, it can happen that this goes viral and you become “famous” overnight and get a lot of PR.


At the end, once again, the most important advantages to make your customers satisfied:


Customer satisfaction benefits


Although this point is self-explanatory, it is a list of what a satisfied customer can do:

  • Satisfied customers are the best reference
  • Satisfied customers recommend
  • Satisfied customers come back
  • Satisfied customers are the best advertisement


Conclusion: In order to make your customers happy in 2020, you have to take them by the hand from the time they get to know you (be it online or offline) until the very end. Since this is not always easy, especially with large corporations, explainer videos are wonderfully suited to explain various registration processes to your customers and to provide answers to certain questions. And no matter whether at 9 o’clock in the morning or midnight. Because your explainer video is always on your website. Your telephone customer service doesn’t.


Explainer videos are also great for introducing new customers to your company in general so that they know who you are, what you do, and how you can help your customers. Explainer videos are a lot cheaper than professional real film spots and are also implemented a lot faster.


I hope this post gave you new ideas and inspiration.


If you would like more information about explainer videos and video marketing, just talk to our representative at Animation Feast.


If you would like a free consultation about explainer videos or films, don’t hesitate to call or write to us.

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