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3 Most Important Points In Video Production


Are you thinking about a product video for your company? But have you never created one, or did your first attempt turn out to be awful?

Even worse – you had a cheap product video created by an agency, and it didn’t meet your expectations at all?


First things first:


At the very beginning, you have to think about it and differentiate between 2 types; a real product video with a team of a leading explainer video company.


1. Video production with a camera crew


(If you don’t want a product video with a film team but an explainer video, then you are welcome to skip this part). So you actually want to have your physical product filmed? It’s a good idea, but also a very expensive one.


Having a product video created with 30 seconds and TV quality starts at around $ 25,000.


I buy a car for $ 25,000? Yes, that’s true! But if Coca Cola creates a product video or a TV spot, it costs between $ 500,000 and $ 2 million. In this case, $ 25,000 is even a piece of cake.


How do these enormous costs for a product video come together? Well, if you want to create a TV spot, the items below will certainly apply:


– Agency

– Director (a good one)

– DOP (Director of Photography)

– Lighting staff

– IT data check

– Extras/actors

– Filming studio

– Light

– Renting cameras

– Post-production

– Color graders

– Composers.


We won’t go into every point here, but a halfway good director alone costs $ 3,000 per day. A reasonably good DOP (the person responsible for everything that has to do with light and camera) also costs $ 3,000 upwards.


A good camera, such as a Phantom, costs around S 4,000 a day to rent. As you can see, the costs add up here. Should you find a provider who can create a product video for you for “only” $ 25,000? Then you can definitely count yourself lucky. You also have to note that such a spot can last at least 3 months.


Usually, you need an agency that covers all points above and takes care of everything, from script coordination to creative ideas. You have enough budget but don’t know which agency to take? Then simply use Google Search and find various agencies that produce films and TV spots. First, have a show-reel (a demo of various spots) shown to you and decide based on which agency or which works you like best.


Since this topic is a very complex one and we could write at least 20 pages about it alone, we will focus again on the core point of this article.


The 3 points you should pay attention to if you want to create product videos. Well. That was point 1. Now,


2. The corporate video, with the help of an explainer video


Explainer videos are the big hit in 2021. According to Google, over 82% of all advertisements will be shown as moving images, i.e., videos, in 2021.


Google is following this trend, but many other small and large companies. Explainer videos are funny, very professional, and, compared to image videos or product videos, much cheaper.


But also here you have to be careful.


If you want to have a really professional explainer video created, there are 2 big differences.


  1. Of course, there are also different price ranges for explanatory videos that correlate strongly with quality.


Simple explainer videos are available for $ 300.


These videos are great but not suitable for a TV spot in quality. Such videos are mostly created with drag and drop or template software such as Videoscribe or Doodly.


The problem here is that the characters mostly look the same, and many different companies use these characters because of the same software.


If that is a problem for you, we would advise against having such a video produced.


  1. Explainer videos in TV quality


The price range for explanatory videos in TV quality starts at around $ 2,499 and goes up to around $ 15,000 (depending on the length and complexity). The big difference is that every single graphic and figure is illustrated and animated individually. There is also a sound designer and a composer who writes his own music for the spot.


The result may look simple and beautiful, but that is a highly complex matter. The explainer video must have a copywriter who writes the story, a storyboarder who scribbled the characters, a composer who should definitely have studied music, and an animator who does nothing but animate the static characters.


Here too – $ 2,499 for such a work of art is a real gift.


3. Explainer video using a 3D animation


The third possibility would be to create a 3D animation. The explanatory video above is a 2D animation, for example. Because the animations only take place on 2 levels, and the character cannot rotate around its own axis.


A 3D animation is not confused with 3D movies/films where you need glasses like in the cinema. A 3D animation is a style where the characters can be filmed in all camera angles.


Every single TV advertisement that you see, where a Coca Cola bottle rotates on its own axis and water splashes out, is a 3D animation. It is, therefore, not a real Coca Cola bottle but a 3D modeled object that was produced with various software such as Cinema4D.


This is a highly complex matter, and there are very few here who actually manage it. For such an animation, you need decades of experience to really deceive the viewer with his product so that he cannot see the difference, whether it is a real bottle or a computer-generated image.


With a 3D animation, you can count on at least $ 20,000 for 15 seconds.


If you can find something cheaper, we would be very skeptical, and you need to ensure their validity, authenticity, reviews, and portfolio.


So we hope that we have now been able to give you enough information to simplify your decision-making process.


If you would like us to produce a professional corporate film for you like the one above, do not hesitate to contact us.


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