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Methods to Rev-Up Virtual Conferences Via Animations

During this time period when social distancing is no longer just a concept, but instead, it has achieved complete adaption and become a ‘new normal’. Thus, it has been experienced amongst various industries that organizations have shifted towards a more suitable approach as per the current situation, which is of arranging and conducting ‘virtual conferences’ and such similar online events.

Even though gradually, the process of revoking the lockdown across the globe is in process. There are yet numerous businesses that have normalized their functions with the adaptions of work from home while staying in tack with the newly added transformations offered, such as Virtual Conferences & online meetings.

But several people are of the perception even though it is a fact that the very same old virtual face-to-face interactions via digital screens can much rapidly turn into a quite boring overall event. The monotonous tones being used most definitely won’t attract the ever-busy professionals. Like many, even you may be wondering what the possible answer to this challenge is? Well, it is the addition of animated videos in the events. Indeed, it is a daunting task, so leaving this crucial and important task in the hands of a leading entity would be best.

We at Animation Feast take great emphases on presenting unique animations in every project. Due to this very aspect, we have led the industry so far as the most advancing animated video company.  As a leading explainer video company, we ensure to create innovative animation inclusions and keep the message clear throughout.

Stacy Murine, the CEO of Air Crown Health, presented her testimony, stating: “We intended to create a persona by telling a specific, exaggerated story, and thankfully Animation Feast came to our rescue with their animation expertise since they most certainly allowed us to do that. As we were able to deliver our data points in the virtual conference via their animation assistance in the most engaging and effective manner.”

There have been quite a number of businesses that have recently started to use animation video content in their virtual conferences. Similarly, the adaption from Stacy allowed her to present custom health education while also focusing on facilitating real learning and not only towards delivering information.”

In her opinion, the reason why she chooses Animation Feast for her project was mainly that she believed that her content required much-undivided concentration towards the targeted viewers so that the message is delivered seamlessly, and according to her, there is no better tool other than animation that can be used to best grasp the audience’s focus in a jiffy!

Why Must You Opt for Animation Feast When You Need Animation for Virtual Conferences?

When planning for a web conference, it is quite rare for an individual to think of collaborating animated videos as a part of their virtual event ideas. Now, why is that so? The simplest answer is that animation is mostly associated or considered only for cartoons or Disney-Ghibli movies. It is not common or usual for people to associate with something serious like business events to be combined with animation. Well, now, all these perceptions are addressed and made untrue.

There is a wide range of animation and techniques available today. They can be used most effectively to convey some of the most serious messages in the most light-hearted and entertaining manner via appropriate and appealing animation. Recent researches confirm that adults are found to more comfortable viewing animations that explain complexity as it helps to illustrate points in interesting even those concepts that are challenging to visualize alone.”

At Animation Feast, we believe that an interesting animation video is all about the concept of digital lending. Even though this may sound dry, any leading explainer video company from the industry can confirm it to be true.  But the moment you initiate and begin to explore it scene by scene and word by word, you will find it to be more informative and profoundly engaging in every frame. As with any other animated video company, even we ensure that the boredom is cut via the moving hand that draws each scene. This video provides important information to banks.

Animation videos are quite flexible and also cost-effective. Above all, the videos are highly engaging, and they are also great in conveying hidden messages that fit perfectly with the intent of the targeted audiences. Furthermore, as the soaring trend of live-action seems to be complicated to be shot in our residing and given scenario due to social distancing, animated videos are proving to be the most accessible asset for a company to reach out to the audience’s mind and that also in the most enticing possible manner.

The takeaway from this validated point:

  • It highlights the features and points that are textually hard to visualize or understand.
  • It makes even dry and mundane topics more intriguing and interesting to grasp.
  • It is ideal for engaging with various audiences in just a matter of a few moments.
  • It adds variety to the content and the virtual event.


Here Are the Ideal 4 Ways That Can Make Your Virtual Conferences Entirely Successful

Managing an animation project may feel or seem overwhelming for those individuals who are relatively new in this field. But then again, whether you would believe it or not, it is no different from any other medium that is applied in communication or for marketing efforts.

1- Keep Your Animation Content Aligned with Your Brand Offering


Consider your virtual conference to be aligned with animated content similarly as you would do with any other online event of a business. Ensure that the animation content matches the tone along with the brand’s style since it is imperative for the viewers to see both the brand and the video at the same time simultaneously.

The virtual conference provides the viewers with the opportunity to deliver the brand message in a manner that will deeply entice the audience and keep them engaged with the animation throughout. Since it is important for the viewers to not only remember what is being stated/ presented in the video, it is also important for them to ultimately remember who the video is representing on screen.

2- Planning Is Vital, And It Should Be Done Much Before the D-Day

Creating an animation video might just be a matter of a few hours, but the planning of the video animation requires prolonged conceptualization in order to carry out a formal event. Ideally, one should initiate the process at least a month beforehand. Then they should proceed ahead by writing a script, reviewing that same content for possible revisions or alterations, and then align it with the purpose of the event and lastly proceed by setting it off by indulging in the animating process.

3- Segment The Animation Video into Interesting ‘Chapters.’

Anything performed at a stretch can lower the engagement level after a certain period of time. So, if your video has a long length, it is ideal to start dividing it into smaller chapters in order to keep the audience hooked to the screen consistently.

“By breaking up the animated video into small chapters, you can better grasp the attention span of the audience, and mainly it is done so that the viewers can easily absorb the information provided to them, keeping them interested is important to look forward and stay connected/ anticipate the next chapter. Plus, these natural breaks give you the time and advantage to talk about what you just watched and ask questions from the online audience in regards to the content presented.”

Animation Feast provides a professional structure to your video conferences, as well. In physical meetings, people are allowed to move from one room to another, thus creating natural breaks between the process. But in the scenario of virtual meetings, the attendees are constantly sitting on their seat/chair for hours, so you can understand how crucial it is to use signal shifts, break frames, notifying topic shifts so that you can best retain the focus of the audience.

4- Use Powerful Logos and Taglines to Make It Engaging & Interesting

Fabulous taglines and logos make your animated videos profoundly engaging, alongside it also provide your brand with the required visibility. It is most advised that you choose and opt for those colors in your animation that are subtle and those that relate with your brand. It is a good aspect to match your video’s tone with the subject line while also ensuring to meet the following aspects as well that is to make the video content humorous, reliable, and authoritative.

Were You Aware That You Could Repurpose Animated Videos from Your Conferences!


“One of the prime beauties of animation is that you can always at any point go back and edit the content to make any alterations for another purpose, or you can go ahead and use the existing assets as-it-is for a number of various other tactics and strategies.”

The animated video created for your conference will be a permanent asset to your business even after your virtual conference and hit an end, but yet your video does not specifically have to be used only till that point. Since, once the conference ends, you can always go ahead and repurpose them for other meetings or other purposes as well.

Although a blind repurposing could possibly backfire in such a matter. So in scenarios where you decide to present the same animated video for another meeting, simply make a few alterations here and there in the script. If needed, change the voiceover and then align them with the frames. Now, that you are well acquainted with the content, you can also cut off the irrelevant sections or edit according to the new requirement.

And if you are wondering what more you can do with the animated video? You can go ahead and share the video across your business’s social media channels, and via it, you can also get the users hooked on to your brand.

Animation Feast Has Got You Entirely Covered! And You Have Nothing to Worry OFF When with Us!

Animated Feast is a highly dedicated and professional company that is diversely specialized to meet every clients’ requisites in the most innovative and creative manner.

We have constantly been churning and delivering pure excellence to all our clients, and this the very reason we have attained a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We have our professional creative thinkers catering to every project’s task until utmost perfection is not delivered and till we do not receive a positive response from our clients.

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