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The Need of an Animated Explainer Video as a Business Strategy

It is a much known fact. Based on the success that is being attained, there is no questioning that an association with an animated explainer video production company will surely occur as a smart move. Even though the investment of availing the services of an animation explainer video company may initially be considered as an added expense, yet the outcomes would result remarkably profitable.

They have also been recent studies that strongly predict that in the coming year of 2021, approximately 80% of the internet’s traffic will be generated through videos. Based on various other researches, it has also been seen that people from most generations prefer and thoroughly enjoy animation explainer videos.

The popularity of animated explainer videos is because the content is not just enjoyable but easily understandable while being heavily informative. A number of Explainer Video Production Company in the USA are well aware of the importance of influencing any business’s strength and market that resides today.

An animation explainer video can be used in any industry and various yet versatile manners. Animation Feast is a prime example of a defining Explainer Video Production Company in the USA. The success of Animation Feast is solely due to their professionalism, skills, and recent/updated equips that provide them with an advantage in the market to assist any business most uniquely and effectively according to their requirement.

Understanding what is an Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a short animated video content that focuses on explaining several kinds of complicated aspects of a business that aren’t easily graspable for people. These sophisticating aspects that are explained in the video can be addressing the business itself; the product/service or even a problem can be simple presented in a simplified manner.

Every explainer video company tries to achieve the basic concept in their animated explainer video to simplify the complicated notions and break them into numerous simpler parts that can be easily digested/ understood by the viewers. Anyone would accept that if it were not for explainer videos today, hearing a lecture on the black hole in a traditional manner would surely end up as an utter bore.

Anyone who has viewed an animated explainer video will relate and confirm that these videos certainly allow organizations to present and convey their messages in the most effective and comprehendible manner. And this is exactly where the role of an explainer video company comes into play as they strike to their very best to provide such a benefit and exposure to the businesses.

Animation Feast has created a vibrant presence in the market based on presenting their clients’ businesses in the best possible animation explainer video while keeping intact the essence of the enterprise. It stands as one of the Explainer Video Production Company in the USA that has a good amount of experience in delivering as they have a complete explainer video production process that they work on.

The Production Process of an Animation Explainer Video

Animation Feast is a very few animated explainer video production company that follows a complete “Explainer Video Production Process.” Each project/ order, when accepted, undergoes in-depth research so that all the requirements of the project are known, the script is drafted, voiceover is prepared, clients are then provided with a first draft, and towards the end, all the sound effects are added. Lastly, the finalized animated explainer video is delivered to the client, or the video is published or marketed on behalf of the client. The reason to practice such a step by step in-depth process is to provide the best for their clients.

Here is the step by step sequence of producing an Animation Explainer Video:

In-depth research of all the requirements for the project.

Write a script.


Prepare the first draft.

Add sound effects.

Deliver, Publish, and/or draft.

The leverages that business acquire by associating with an animated explainer video production company

Association with a recognized explainer video production company in the USA surely provides an upper hand to any business. It plays out as an attractive form of marketing. Taking assistance from an explainer video company for businesses also advantages them to seek the utmost reach out, possibly due to the 2 possible factors.

Firstly, animated explainer videos are the most trending form of marketing that stands in the year 2020. Secondly, it has been predicted through various and numerous resources that in the coming year 2021, the most looked forward or customer/ client-oriented video marketing is also intended to be explainer videos. The benefits of animated explainer videos are not just the audience’s preference, but they are loads of more reasons why almost every business today is seeking to associate with an explainer video company eagerly.

The benefits of Animation Explainer videos:

  1. Instantaneously grasps the attention of the audience.
  2. Easily and most effectively explains complex topics.
  3. Increases web traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Such technical aspects are catered and well-considered by professional assistance (explainer video company).
  4. It is relatively more appealing to mobile users.
  5. Skyrockets your business’s conversation.
  6. Higher chance of going viral, and the probability increases if you take assistance from a professional explainer video company.
  7. Restores in the customer’s mind, especially if a reputable explainer video company creates the video.
  8. It is highly suitable and easily usable on Blogs, Social Media, Blogs, T.V ads, and emails.


Businesses today have a complete understanding of the benefits that animated explainer videos provide, so the influence has grown to this extent. All these benefits provided to businesses through the craft of animated explainer videos are being acquired drastically by businesses as part of a smart strategy of availing high viewers/customers.

Indeed, it is a smart call for entities to add animation explainer videos as part of their business’s advancement strategy. Those businesses that have not considered animation explainer videos should surely seriously consider it to strive in the present highly competitive and advancing markets.

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