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Whiteboard Explainer Videos – Predicted to Grow Popularly

It is certainly not easy to briefly present a stance on why it is being predicted that whiteboard explainer videos will grow much more popular in the coming few years. Before elaborating further, it is important to put forth a commonly known fact that “videos” in general, regardless of the category, are widely popular.


Video content is a prime resource that is used by various industries for the purpose of marketing, communication, advertisement, etc. At present, whiteboard explainer videos are the most trending marketing strategy that is being applied by businesses. As a result, the demand for explainer video services is at its peak.


There have been remarkable results gathered in the year 2019, and even in the residing year of the pandemic, explainer videos are presiding as the market has begun to retrieve. Based on the statistics gathered, it is relevantly safe to predict that the influence of whiteboard explainer video services will consistently grow for a few more years.


  • Video as a marketing tool has been consistently growing since the year 2017 to 2019 from an increase of 63% to 87%.
  • Over three quarters, which is approximately 83% of the present market, strongly believe that explainer videos are an ideal aid to invest in, to improve profits. Likewise, simultaneously the market for explainer video services will also grow with the increased demand.
  • Studies show that 90% of online customers are attained via the whiteboard explainer videos marketed, which impacts as a major factor in influencing sales.
  • 99% of businesses intend to continue to avail explainer video services due to the incredible results. They have even shown their interest to spend more, which is approximately 88% in the coming years towards whiteboard explainer video services.


Based on the stats and studies provided above, it is easily predictable that the popularity of explainer videos will continue and grow even more. The actual concept that has made ground to this foundation is that businesses in this fast-paced world strongly believe that videos are the go-to strategy.


This is the very reason major service providers such as “Animation Feast” will carry on to providing spectacular whiteboard explainer video services. With time the company has substantially developed in a manner where today it stands as a noticeable entity in the market. Adding to it, as an entity Animation Feast has established a vivid understanding of the market trends and with its market experience and professional excellence, which is to capture the audience’s attention through their created videos.


Whiteboard explainer videos are highly preferred by businesses as an explainer video can present complex and vast information in an enjoyable yet graspable manner. This is the very reason that businesses and audiences prefer it. However, the key is to avail an explainer video service provider that is acquainted with the market trend, has an ideal amount of market experience, and has the professional skillsets to create a video that will live up to your expectations.


Irrespective of how complex or inspirational the requirement may be, regardless of the purpose behind the video, which may be to explain, sell, etc. a well assembled and produced whiteboard explainer video will definitely be able to convey your message to your desired audience in the most conveniently possible manner. For such defining services, contact us today and get started immediately to create your whiteboard explainer video.


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