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All About Custom Whiteboard Video Provider at Animation Feast

Basic Definition

Whiteboard video creators know what is needed in the process since they are experienced, savvy, and designers. Custom whiteboard video creators’ services consist of an explanatory video where the artist’s hand is shown drawing or illustrating on a whiteboard. With this type of animation, fascinating and captivating artistic images are obtained, attracting the audience’s attention.

A video illustrated on a whiteboard allows you to communicate your message better while being engaging and fun. This technique’s graphic style enables fairly direct and pedagogical communication, as they are simple drawings; the message reaches clearly and very easy to understand.

What can custom whiteboard video makers produce for you?

The design is minimalist (white background, continuous black drawing, and hand). It allows the audience to capture the message more quickly and naturally since it is not distracted by too many visual effects as usually used in 3D animations.

Whiteboard videos are perfect for:

  • Small business owners and service providers.
  • Ecommerce store owners and digital marketers
  • Information technology
  • Content creators
  • Human Resources
  • Coaches, teachers, and presenters
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create videos on YouTube and Facebook

To make whiteboard animations, don’t hesitate to contact Animation Feast’s custom whiteboard video makers, an excellent way for creating animated presentations. Custom whiteboard video creators draw images and text in sequence on a virtual whiteboard to achieve a unique and attractive visual effect.

Animation Feast also offers drawing animations by simulating that you are drawing on a whiteboard or perform animations without the hand drawing or the hand even appearing. To make these videos, it is necessary to have ample knowledge about editing or animation.

Motion graphics

It is an animation technique where images, symbols, and texts are combined to bring an idea to life and convey a message clearly and attractively, including motion graphics, sounds, images with a high potential for animation.

What process do custom whiteboard video makers go through?

Each director can have their own structure, but we could summarize the video animation production process in 4 main phases:


It is the starting point of all audiovisual history. Above the execution, if the idea is good, the video usually works. In this stage, the concept, the argumentation, the aesthetics, and planes that will tell the audiovisual discourse are defined.


It is the visualization phase. Here, each of the planes defined in the script is plotted. It allows you to observe an approximation of how the characters look, how the colors, actions, objects, and backgrounds will be.


Give life to each of the characters, objects, and backgrounds. Different techniques can be used, from stop-motion, photo videos to 3D animation.

Music and Voiceover:

It consists of adding melodies and sound effects to create a sound atmosphere. In addition to recording, the voices of the characters and the voiceover are according to your video’s sober or fun tone.


Unify all the previous elements with the correct rhythm to appreciate the message entertainingly and dynamically.

How do whiteboard video creators captivate the viewer’s attention?

Keep in mind that the first few multimedia content seconds are vital to attracting attention; otherwise, they will bounce immediately. Therefore, we recommend:

With new information that catches immediately, our custom whiteboard video creators tackle a contentious topic, challenge established paradigms, or reveal a fun fact. The important thing is that they also describe the need that you want to address and that your product is capable of solving.

Later, you must explain how you can solve that problem or solve that need through the use of your product or service. That is, how it works, what benefits it offers. Provide relevant data, unique and differentiated characteristics that support the thesis of your video.

Finally, make a call to action in which the viewer can contact you, visit your website, call you, or buy your product.

Types of animated videos:

Our custom whiteboard video makers can create various types of whiteboard videos; at Animation Feast, we classify them as follows:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Scribing whiteboard videos
  • Advertising spot
  • Video Website (video to explain platforms or web pages)
  • Video App (Video to explain mobile applications)
  • Photo-video
  • Photo Animation
  • Stop-motion
  • 3D visualization

How long should an animated audiovisual last?

One question often asked by companies is how long should be their explainer whiteboard video? In this case, our custom whiteboard video makers recommend the “less is more” strategy since it applies perfectly. Today, people are exposed to a constant bombardment of information, and their attention is often very brief and even fragile. So, every second you dedicate to your audiovisual must be rewarded satisfactorily.

In the case of explanatory videos for the internet, our custom whiteboard video creators recommend that duration should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Exceeding this time and saturating with information can generate an opposite effect to the desired one, causing the Internet user to abandon the visualization before reaching the call to action.

Explanatory whiteboard videos are ideal for companies.

More and more companies transfer their messages through explanatory audiovisuals. Startups and SMEs have found in this format great help and support for their projects. This type of video is not limited to entrepreneurs; however, other large corporations and advertising agencies also use them as part of their repertoires due to their versatility and affordable cost. You can use them to:

  • Tell the story of your brand.
  • Show new products
  • Spread success stories
  • Give testimonials
  • Present management reports
  • Explain how an app (Mobile Application) works
  • Explain how a web page works

And much more.

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