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Who We Are

Animation Feast is all about providing the best services in the shortest amount of time and at the most economical prices. With a team of top-industry designers, illustrators, developers, and strategists, we turn all your problems into solutions.

From Concept To Completion

At Animation Feast, we take you through the whole process quickly. Starting with just having a chat with you and getting a feel for what it is that you’re looking for, to delivering precisely what you had in mind, at a fraction of the cost you thought it would be!

Our outstanding services are catered to you by our team of professionals that have put hours in their work, around the globe, to perfect their skills and knowledge. With years of experience in the industry, working with clients of diverse natures, our experts have a deep understanding of how to ensure that the client’s best interest is met at all times. This has allowed us to maintain our high customer satisfaction rate along with the number of returning customers. We take your word and idea very seriously, focusing on just that!

Moreover, if you’re still unsure about getting an animated video for your business, don’t be! Online visual content is blowing up, and the majority of people around the world prefer these instead of your plain old annoying texts. Animated videos are just much easier to understand and make your brand look a lot more professional as well.
So, order now and take your business to new bounds. With Animation Feast, it’s never too late to start!







Our Services

As a market-oriented animated video company, we believe in providing our clients with the best services that they could ever avail of. From start to finish we have got them covered! We are the best explainer video production company in the USA since we offer several animation services under a single roof with exceptional quality and prices.

Whiteboard Animation

To get audience’s attention, through custom produced whiteboard animated videos. Our video production team are known worldwide for interactive and engagement whiteboard animation services.

Whiteboard Animation

Bringing your characters to life with whiteboard animations gives you a lot more to attract customers.

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Motion Graphics

Crazy transitions and interactive graphics are the qualities of our motion graphics.

Motion Graphics

Of course, everyone’s familiar with what graphics are, but motion graphics are the next step!

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2D Explainer

Explaining something was never more exciting! If you are planning to get 2D explainer videos for your brand, contact us now!

2D Explainer

More straightforward videos that focus more on explaining your product, service, or organization.

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Make words look beautiful as never seen before with our eye-catching custom typography animation services.


Don’t be fooled! Typography matters, so don’t skip out on it. It makes a world of difference.

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Logo Animation

We design custom animated logos that interact with your audience in a way others’ can’t!

Logo Animation

Your logo is the first thing that people see when they learn about your business, so it can’t be anything less than perfect!

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But Why Us?

Well, at Animation Feast, our customers are our only priority! We make sure to meet your needs as soon as possible and provide you nothing less than what you are after. However, here are a few more reasons why you should work with us –

  • Teamwork

    Well, teamwork makes the dream work. We not only work with our designers, animators, and developers to create a flawless video, but we also work with YOU! It’s your project so we can’t even imagine leaving you out of it.

  • Turnaround Time

    With us, you don’t have to sit around for weeks to see the first version of your video. We deliver the whole project in only a few weeks, and any changes that you may want are also made easily!

  • Affordability

    Of course, we’re incredibly affordable too. Our prices are something we’ve very actively looked into optimizing because we want all of our clients to have the best services possible.

  • Guaranteed Results

    Our animated videos have helped our clients meet many of their business goals. Some of our clients have also reported seeing up to a 300% increase in their sales just after putting out our videos and working with us!

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