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We do in-depth research for our clients' accurate needs and requirements and go the extra mile to quickly and cost-effectively fulfill those needs.

Sometimes, clients don't know what they want, require, and desire, so we go the extra mile and try to find out the Organization's Business Goals and Objectives.

We consistently surpass your expectations, match your purpose and goals. We deliver Unique Animation that can grab your prospects' and clients' immediate attention. For us, meeting the deadline is most important.

We are a friendly team of professionals; whose purpose is to deliver your Brand Message visually appealing way.

Well, it’s completely understandable that you may be having difficulties in deciding which animated video company to trust with your brand. After all, setting up a business isn’t easy, and a small mistake can cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars.

With your business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s the best option to go with an explainer video company with a proven track record of high customer satisfaction! Without a portfolio, reviews, etc. it can be tough to judge a company, so pay close attention to that.

And if you want to work with Animation Feast, who has a proven success rate, you can get in touch with us today easily and have a chat about your business. But before you proceed with us, here are a few reasons you should associate with us:

Affordable – One of the hardest parts of finding an animated explainer video production company is finding the one you can afford. Every business has a budget, and often, your budget may just not allow you to avail the expensive options. With us, you won’t have to worry about that at all! All of our packages are affordable and divided into business sizes to make matters even easier for you.

Enterprise Service – With us, you won’t even have to worry about not being in the loop of what’s happening with your animated video. As an animated video company, we assign a dedicated account manager for each of our clients to ensure flawless communication.

Fix Price – Still not sure about our pricing options? Well, our videos come at a fixed rate per second of the video, so you pay for exactly what you receive and never have to feel like you got the short end of the stick. So you only pay for exactly what you receive.

Quick Turnaround Time – And of course, nothing’s worse than not even getting services delivered at the right time. We provide you a specific date of delivery and stick by it so you can plan things accordingly.

Unlimited Revisions – If you’re not happy with our video, you can always ask for a revision until you’re satisfied. This is exactly how we’ve maintained a high customer satisfaction rate! As an animated video company, we never turn back a client that isn’t happy with our work.

The price varies depending on what kind of video you prefer, but overall, there’s a fixed rate per second of a video so that you know exactly what you’re receiving. As an explainer video company, we have gone by this route because we do not want our customers to feel like they’ve been scammed or have not gotten what they paid for. We always go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible services.

For more information on our prices, get in touch with us now!

Animation Feast is an explainer video company that specializes in three different types of videos. Which are mentioned below with their turnaround time:

  • 1) Demo Videos (Typical turnaround time takes approximately 4 weeks)
  • 2) Animated Videos (Typical turnaround time takes approximately 6 weeks)
  • 3) Interactive Videos (Typical turnaround time takes approximately 8 weeks)

The process for each of these is slightly different due to their distinctive requirements. However, it goes from strategizing to writing the script, followed by design and animation. To help our customers understand things better, we, as an animated video company, provide you with a smaller turnaround timeline to attain an idea of how our process works.

But if you are struggling with your animated video and need it created in a shorter time period, you can let us know of that as well!

The answer to that as an animated video company would be both yes and no. Every industry has its own video style that works for them accordingly. Some customers prefer watching videos, and others are just not. Different types of videos require different lengths. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you’re able to explain your product or service in the given amount of time.

Any animated explainer video production company would suggest animated explainer videos since they are much lighter, while more information can be condensed. But, every explainer video company will disapprove of a video that’s too long since it carries a higher probability to bore the audience and, as a result, can also turn away from your brand.

As a leading animated explainer video production company, based on our market research, we have found that 60 – 120 seconds is the perfect length for most videos, may they be related to any industry.

It can be hard deciding what kind of video to go for, especially if it’s your first time looking for animated video services. Every brand is different, and this is exactly why we at Animation Feast can answer this question accurately only after having a chat with you. But to give you a little bit of guideline, here’s what you should look at:

  • Animated Explainer Videos – As an animated video company, state that they are best if you’re trying to explain a concept, product, or service. Using animations and other visuals makes it easier for your audience to understand what you are all about without hiring people to carry this out for you. It’s just a lot more efficient! As the name says, if you want to explain something, go with it!
  • Interactive Videos – These videos are great for social media and other platforms if you want to derive engagement. Most animated explainer video production company, recommend it to keep your audiences enticed as a means for them to absorb the information without being completely bored.
  • Demo Videos – If you are looking to explain how something works, whether it’s a product or service, demo videos are the ones for you! You can let your customers know exactly what they need to do and how to get the best experience out of your product or service within a few seconds.

There are several ways and platforms where your animated video can be used. The most common ways are to have it on your website's homepage so that whenever anyone comes to visit, they have a quick way to gain as much information about your business as possible. They won’t have to spend hours scrolling through your website.

That being said, like an explainer video company, we suggest several other ways that you can use animated videos:

  • Social Networks – Every explainer video company will state that, of course, social media plays a huge role in keeping the customer engaged. Well created animated videos, you make it even easier to interact with your customers. After all, visuals have been proven to work better!
  • Email Marketing – When sending out emails, you only have a few minutes to make a solid impression on your recurring or potential customers to make them purchase what you’re offering. And, if you fail at it, you end up in the spam or deleted folder. But with an animated explainer video, you can make sure that never happens again!
  • Paid Advertising – Sometimes, when clients realize that you’ve signed up for a paid advertisement, it can make them feel a little iffy about your brand. But a good quality animated video can instill trust in them to partner and work with you.
  • FAQs – Sometimes, a business can be tough to understand, especially when all of it is written out. It can definitely just sound like gibberish! Having an animated video created by a competent explainer video company will help your clients improve their user experience.
  • Training – Animated videos that are well assembled by an experienced explainer video company can also be used within organizations and businesses to train staff appropriately to deliver higher standards and services.
  • As a leading animated video company, we have made it clear that videos are extremely versatile in each goal you want to achieve. Every video placement will differ slightly. You can navigate our website to find out more in regards to our competence as an animated video company or give us a call to speak with a customer support representative who will better guide you ahead.

You will be the owner and have full rights to the video.

Yes, absolutely. We have the resources and the capable team to finish the work on time.

We offer all sorts of videos, be it Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, Storytelling Videos, Training & Development Videos.

Ideally yes. Now it's cut-throat competition in the Digital Age, and you need to keep updated with enticing videos to keep your customers motivated and keep coming back.

It all depends on the requirement of your video.

We have raised the bar and tried to beat our own standards and offer the best of the best. You can view our Portfolio Section and witness our quality standards.

But Why Choose Us?!

You should choose us if you are looking for top-of-the-line digital solutions delivered on time to help your brand create a serious impact in the online business world. Our creative creations will put you on the map, and soon people worldwide will recognize the amazing brand you are!

  • Transparency

    We put all our cards on the table when working with our clients. Our Creative Digital Agency is entirely transparent when it comes to our customers and will disclose all the relevant information to them so that they can make informed decisions.

  • No Hidden Costs

    No one likes hidden costs. They feel like a stab in the back! Our Animated Promotional Video Production company makes sure to tell the client all the expenses they will face for the project before making the initial payment.

  • No Dilly-Dallies

    When we agree on a deadline, we plan on meeting it. At Animation Feast, we take deadlines very seriously and always aim to deliver the project on time without compromising the quality of the content provided.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    If the qualities and accommodations mentioned above weren't enough, this would surely be. Our Video Animation Services offer its clients a money-back guarantee if they are rightly dissatisfied with the services our team members have provided.

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