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When it comes to earning a client's trust, nothing beats being consistent in the quality of product, service, and customer experience a business provides. To achieve this feat and solidify the maximum results for each of our client every time they hire our services, we created a professional working process that our professional designing and developing teams follow to the dot!

One on One Free Professional Consultation

We believe that clients have the right to a free consultation with company representatives to make an informed decision, which provides them with maximum value. This is where it all beings. One of our representatives will call you and listen to everything you have in mind in the hopes of understanding your vision for the explainer video you are looking for. After listening carefully, they will provide valuable input and a professional opinion that will be completely relevant to your requirement and guide the project in a much better direction. Lastly, you will be provided with a questionnaire that you need to fill out and return to us filled out. Once your video case study is created, we can begin our animation magic!

Video Script & Concept Creation

Once we have all that we need and all you want to provide, we are ready to move to the next stage. Your project manager will hand this information to our creative and clever content writers, who will use it and produce an entertaining and purposeful script that follows the strict guidelines you have provided. The content's style, tone, language, and keywords will be all according to the questionnaire you have filled out. The flexibility and script writing skills of our team will surely surprise you! Once the explainer video script is completed, the content will be sent to you for approval. We will make the required changes if you dislike all or any part of it until you fall in love with the script.

The Voiceover You Envisioned

The voiceover of an explainer video is crucial and directly responsible for the level of impact it can create when your audience views it. If the voiceover is poorly executed or the audience does not connect or understand the accent/gender, your animation venture will not be successful regardless of how aesthetic and smooth the animation is. But don't worry! When you work with Animation Feast, you get nothing but the best! We have a long and versatile list of professional voiceovers who deliver quality content. From African American all the way to Native Spanish, we do it all!

Actualize Your Words Through Artistic Animation

On a platform dominated by words and phrases, custom-tailored animation videos create the most impact. Looking for an engaging, entertaining, and meaningful way to reach your target audience?! Then what you need is an aesthetically designed and animated explainer video by Animation Feast. If you can think of it, we can animate it.

Theme & Storyboard Development

Using the approved script, our storyboard artists will create a series of sketches that perfectly portray the flow that the final explainer video will execute. It contains all the pictures and dialogues that deliver the message you envisioned. It will also provide a more detailed picture of what the final video will look like and if any changes are required if it is something off the mark. Until you are completely satisfied with how the video idea is depicted through the storyboard, we will keep on perfecting it.

Bringing the Storyboard to Life

Now that we have the script, voiceover, and storyboard, nothing is stopping us from animating the characters and bringing them to life. Our skilled and experience animation specialists will work their magic and add smooth movements and sound effects to each character and scene, ensuring that the whiteboard video looks absolutely breathtaking and visually pleasing. The many different animation styles we use are always kept flexible to meet the many different requirements of our clients. Once we are done adding our touch to it, we will once again forward you the rough draft for approval. Once you are content with animation graphics, we can move on to the final stage of our process.

Delivering What We Promised

No matter at what point we start and which category we start in, we will always finish the task with the same level of dedication, passion, and professionalism. When you decide to hire Animation Feast, you will always receive consistent results significantly tilted towards your interests. Now that you are happy with the rough draft we provided, we will finalize the video, release the animation's HD files, and hand over full rights to it to you.

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Whether it’s a startup, SME, or larger enterprise, it’s time to begin your animation journey with us! All you have to do is get in touch with our representatives.

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