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5 Mistakes in Video Animation for Marketing – Avoid for More Conversions

These are 5 common mistakes you must avoid in video marketing. If you follow our advice, your next video production will deliver results and conversions.

Video is the most essential and powerful tool used in the modern marketing mix – many studies and surveys have clearly shown: 64 percent of consumers tend to buy a product after seeing a video. Integrated into a landing page, a video ensures 80 percent more conversions (sales or inquiries). Even the keyword “video” in the email subject leads to 19 percent higher opening rates, 65 percent higher click rates, and 26 percent fewer newsletter subscriptions.

In 2014, 400 minutes of video material was uploaded to YouTube every minute. The competition for consumer attention was fierce. Animation Feast – a leading motion graphics company, comes up with the fact that it is not enough to have videos produced. They have to be thought out, well planned, and, most importantly, creative. The following examples show what to watch out for and which mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

You must avoid these 6 mistakes in video marketing.

  1. Too promotional video

A big reason why videos are preferred over text reading is for entertainment value. Users want complicated topics to be explained in an appealing, simple, and entertaining way, but they certainly don’t want the feeling of being crudely advertised.

Therefore, companies should absolutely follow the principle of content marketing: Concentrate on your users’ needs and problems instead of just talking about the product and its advantages. Offer added value for users. This added value can either lie in the actual transfer of knowledge (e.g., through “how-to” videos or advice videos) or entertainment value. Of course, the product has to be addressed, but this should be done subtly and not too intrusive or clumsy.

  1. Negligence of the product and its benefits

It may sound like a contradiction to point 1, but it’s no. After all, it makes sense that any form of marketing is only effective in the end if people associate it with a product and find out why they need it. On the other hand, a video that becomes a viral success, but does not mention the company or its offer in terms of content, does nothing for your company and brand. Nevertheless, the principle applies that nothing should appear like crude advertising.

  1. Not a good strategy

Even if the video is not supposed to look like advertising, it remains a marketing tool. No matter how entertaining it is, it has little effect if it isn’t part of a marketing strategy. This includes various factors, such as the target, e.g., clicks, conversions, reach, and brand awareness, through intelligent distribution across different channels.

  1. The video is not the correct length.

The right video length is a big success factor for a video. Long clips are usually waste and cannot work efficiently. On the contrary, short spots cannot provide the desired information transfer. Statistically speaking, the most popular videos on YouTube are around 2 minutes. 75 percent of users watch one to two-minute videos to the end. If it’s four to five minutes long, it’s not even 60 percent.

The numbers are just guidelines. It doesn’t mean that you can only produce videos that are around two minutes long. Certain topics and goals justify more time, especially when explaining complicated issues. Subsequently, the rule is to take enough time to spread the message throughout your audience without getting too far. If you take this to heart, there is a high probability that you will create a video with the ideal length. For example:

With just 1.16, the Volvo Dynamic Steering technology video catered to all that it wanted to explain; it’s quite a short time. Still, it doesn’t seem rushed. It also works because the image of the trucks driving apart stands for the crucial message without comment. Otherwise, the shot does everything right. The involvement of the eighties action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme and the good portion of winking help.

The video work efficiently and successfully. To date, it has generated almost 90 million clicks. In addition, the idea of ​​doing the balancing act between two trucks has stimulated numerous parodies that keep reminding us of the video and thus further increased the range.

  1. The video is too boring.

This factor ties in with point 1 and the demand for added value for the user. Let’s recall the fact discussed before that the users want to be entertained. Boredom is the worst that the audience can get. Accordingly, a string of sober facts or a slow start should be avoided. The content must be optimally tailored to the target group and meet their viewing habits, preferences, and humor.


These were the most common 6 mistakes which video animation companies unintentionally make. Always ask the motion graphics animation studio before hiring them for your animation or motion graphics explainer video. However, a professional motion graphics company never compromises these 6 factors and ultimately gets what you expect.



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